This page contains a demonstration of expanded scintillation maps, including data from additional scintillation receivers which cannot be included in the real-time service.
The maps are produced as they would look if the scintillation data from the additional receivers were received in real-time.
5 minutes plots
Scintillation S4 plot is missing.
Scintillation Sigma Phi plot is missing.
Additional scintillation receivers
Agency Receiver site Notes
Space Research Center, Polish Academy of Sciences Hornsund (77.0 N, 15.6 E)
ESA Monitor project Sodankylä (67.37 N, 26.63 E) Receiver is owned by Thales Alenia Space France
German Aerospace Center (DLR) Kiruna (67.84 N, 20.42 E)
The additional receivers are expected to increase the coverage and quality of measurements in the areas near Svalbard and the northern parts of Norway/Sweden/Finland.